Thank you for visiting. My name is Martin Galway, and I tweet as @GalwayMr. As of now, I remain a stubborn fan of twitter and blogging thanks to some incredible CPD over my time as a teacher, leader, and advisor.  On more than one occasion, online colleagues and friends at grassroots events have helped to keep me on the track of teaching and learning. I am happiest working at the intersections of research and classroom practice, and am lucky enough to road-test new approaches and ideas in some truly wonderful schools.

I work for Herts for Learning as a Teaching and Learning Adviser for Primary English, though I do make occasional forays into other phases.  As part of that role, I oversee the Herts Primary English Team blog.  There’s a lot of material there and some of it is reblogged on this site. You can read more here.

Why Quiet Fireworks?  This blog came into being when one book made such an impression on me that it was as if  a series of fireworks were going off in my head. It struck me that this got close to the heart of why literacy/English teaching matter so much to me.  All of the exciting internalised things that happen when we read, and how that comes from language, and how we give back through language.  That’s the nub of what drives this blog.  Words are good, but thought and language are what really matters.

Occasionally I will flag some of my blogs written for my employer, or offer extended original versions.  I’m a bit freer to explore in more detail here.

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